The Coaching Process

Individuals seek my services because they want to change something in their lives. Regardless of the area in your life that you want to change, it will invariably require effective communication skills. I design custom strategies for your desired outcomes that will increase your capacity to communicate effectively.  By collaborating together, we can accelerate your journey to change. 


Coaching Sessions

  • First, I help you clarify your goals. If you are confused or overwhelmed, I have tools to help you design a personal plan of transformation that will include effective communication skills.
  • Next, we discuss what is hindering you from obtaining your goals. By clearly identifying your concerns, fears and hurdles, we can develop strategies to overcome them.
  • Then, we break your goals into small, attainable action steps. Focusing on these small steps makes them manageable to achieve.


Healthy connections with people grow out of being able to express ourselves clearly and to listen with empathy.  This requires self-awareness and vulnerability as we authentically communicate what we think, feel, and want. Although many of us struggle with this skill set, I can help equip you to communicate accurately and efficiently, leading to: 

  • Sharpened self-awareness to convey exactly what you are thinking, feeling and wanting in a personal or professional relationship, in a way that is most likely to be heard
  • Enhanced capacity as an active listener
  • Greater ability to handle criticism
  • Improved effectiveness resolving internal and external conflicts
  • Enriched self-confidence
  • Enhanced effectiveness of parenting skills by bettering what you say…and don’t say
  • Compounded dividend for your children as you become a more effective communicator. 
  • Heightened ability to be empathetic and more deeply connected with others
  • Expedited personal and professional goals



What results can you expect from coaching?

Whether my clients are changing their relationships or reinventing a part of their life, some benefits from life coaching include:

  • Enhanced efficiency in setting dynamic yet achievable goals
  • Increased confidence
  • Enriched support and gracious accountability 
  • Increased satisfaction in organization of time and priorities
  • Clarified purpose and passion
  • Increased peace and joy

Three Things I Bring to my Work

  • FAITH-SUPPORT: I have a Christian world view and invite you to bring as much of your own faith and/or doubt into our conversations as you would like.  
  • EMPATHY: Actively listening to and engaging empathetically with others is one of my strongest gifts.
  • INSIGHT: I will ask discerning questions that will help you move toward positive, life-giving changes.  

If nothing changes then nothing changes.
— C. P. Sennett