Brene Brown's Connections Class

Looking to make some authentic changes this summer?

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Do you ever feel isolated and disconnected from yourself and others? Do you struggle with body image or how you feel as a parent? The Connections class is designed to encourage women to accept themselves fully and learn to walk in personal freedom.

This 6 week DVD and discussion class, has the potential to transform the way you live, love, lead and parent by helping you:

  • Cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships

  • Replace distorted belief systems and unhealthy perceptions

  • Discover the essential tools needed to become shame resilient

  • Gain empathy and compassion for yourself and others

  • Discover the keys to emotional stability and mental clarity

  • Test the power of “ordinary courage”

  • Pursue “critical awareness” to make innovative choices

  • Explore common vulnerabilities and practice decision making




Where:  Westhaven Subdivision, Franklin TN

When: TBD

Tuition: For 6 weeks, $300

Can't do Thursday evenings?  Email Mai at Please respond ASAP as space is limited. ADVANCED pre-registration is REQUIRED.

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When we find the courage to share our experiences and the compassion to hear others tell their stories, we force shame out of hiding and end the silence.
— Brene Brown