LIFE Coaching

Finding myself at fork in the road, I started life coaching with Mai White...I desperately wanted to work with her, to gain clarity about my life, to be less reactionary and more proactive, to invite her brand of spiritual wisdom, academic understanding and professional training in my life.
Desperation brought me Mai and frankly it was tough to justify spending the money on myself. I can tell you that by the time I found myself three sessions in, that I was writing out the check when I knew with absolute conviction that this has been the best money hands down that I have ever spent on myself. I mean it. Mai is a consummate professional, skilled, compassionate, firm and very wise. The sense of finally getting ‘unstuck’ and moving forward has been one of the great blessings of my adult life. I know that I will look back on this investment with satisfaction and gratitude that there was someone to teach me self-care, to help me resist the pitfalls of shame, and to delight in who God has made me and to live authentically, shame-free.
 — Kimberly S. 

Mai is professional, wise, articulate, compassionate, straight-forward, easy to connect with and she is also has a great sense of humor! She was careful to celebrate every step forward I took and she really validated my feelings...She had brilliant suggestions [and] is highly ethical.  
— Suzanne T.

I immediately felt comfortable/safe...Mai helped me get clear...Mai has an exceptional ability to listen intently, and then ask great questions and talk through what is going on in a professional and non-threatening way...She really helped me in my relationships and helped me get “unstuck.” 
— Courtney T.

I find Mai's calm, yet focused demeanor, empathetic heart and God given talent for offering guidance to be authentic and spiritually grounded for me. I leave my sessions feeling like I've had a breath of fresh air that confirms my current path in spite of my confusion, uncertainty, and clouded thinking.
— Lesa D.

Mai is a safe person whom I feel very comfortable with...Mai is such a great listener...She challenged me... setting short term, obtainable goals...holding me accountable in an accepting way, not condemning if I struggle to meet the goal. I am so thankful for Mai...She helped me overcome [and] move forward with more freedom. 
— Andrea L.

I don't think there's a person on earth who doesn't need help communicating. Mai has been a huge support...I've learned that listening is a big part of communicating...[Finding] better ways to be heard (and listen) and learning how to say, "No" has been an eye-opener...I feel stronger and more capable of facing each new day as a result of Mai's intuition and skillful guidance. What a great value!
— Lisa D.

Brene Brown class

Honestly, because Brene Brown is such a powerhouse all on her own, I could easily see any other moderator merely sitting with women in a room and pressing play on the DVD player. However, what Mai did for each of us in the class was so much more...She personalized the gatherings so that each participant found it possible to absorb, connect, reflect and heal...Mai’s mastery of the subject matter made clear to all of us that not only has she committed herself to understanding issues of shame, but she has done the work in her own life, too. She leads the sessions with such discretion, vulnerability, authenticity and empathy that I felt comfortable, safe and heard.
 — Kim W.

Brene Brown’s Connections curriculum gave a name to that particularly insidious and “crazy-making” emotion called Shame. Recognizing and identifying shame in my life has empowered me to not let it hijack my mind and mess with my well being. I am more the master of my own thoughts than I was before sitting in Mai’s class. Mai’s kind, empathetic and passionate approach to small group leading creates the best kind of environment for learning to pay attention to what is going on for yourself and others. In this way,  I believe, we are better able to be who we were made to be. You can’t go wrong investing in that pursuit! 
— Julie B.

This class rocked my world, So much so that I took the class twice! There is so much awe-inspiring material and Mai is masterful in the way she facilitates. She made me feel comfortable right away and she is engaging and funny. 
Until I took the class, I had no idea the role that shame had been playing in my daily thoughts. This class taught me how to deal with those thoughts in a healthy and productive way. Truly, the class has been a great investment for me, personally and professionally. 
I think everyone should give themselves the gift of this Brene Brown class. You want regret it! 
— Nichole D.

Truth be told, I am on a tight budget.  So I was hesitant to spend the money on this class.  But let me tell you, it was one of the best investments I have ever made!  It was worth every penny and then some.  I was  feeling so stuck in my life and Mai's class gave me the courage to change.
I immediately connected with the other women. I learned that shame played a much bigger part in my life than I even realized. As a result of the class, my relationships with my family have improved greatly, which has been AWESOME! 
I was really impressed with Mai as our group facilitator. Mai was warm in her welcome and she modeled vulnerability and empathy beautifully. She created a safe environment that was non-judgmental. Clearly, she uses her education and her personality to run the class effectively...Brene Brown’s material would not have been as powerful without Mai’s leadership. She is definitely gifted in her work and easy to trust. I think everyone should takes this class! 
— Cathy K.

The class is so good that it clearly transformed my life, even years later after taking the class. For the first time I learned about shame: what it is, that it can look different for all of us, and that it’s pervasive. I started seeing others in a new way, with lenses of respect with compassion and empathy. This has been a phenomenal shift for me in how I relate to myself and others...so much more healthy and peaceful. 
Mai has the most welcoming, open presence. I never felt any pretense, just a very loving, inviting, respectful spirit. Mai provided healthy boundaries that allowed for honest sharing without fear of judgment. Her knowledge of the topic is excellent and well organized. The whole experience was remarkable, meaningful, and transformational, so I took the class twice!

— Courtney Y.

I joined the class after recognizing a significant “spark” in a friend who had taken the class and credited it as very helpful in understanding herself.  I was NOT disappointed and found Mai to be honest, open, organized, and professional in facilitating a class about a taboo topic:  Shame! She allowed me to feel safe, comfortable and to allow each person to share as they were led by the Holy Spirit.  I found relief and healing from Mai’s facilitation. So much so, that I am now life coaching with her!
— Lesa D.

The class was life changing for me in many ways. I had read Brene Brown's books prior to the class but was still trying without much success in putting it into practice...[She] gave me healthy ways to regain my voice and reinforced the need to set firm healthy boundaries. Mai is a great facilitator and coach. Her kindness, compassion and willingness to share her own life struggles creates a safe place to learn, grow and connect with others. Her support and encouragement is such a gift!
— Elaine T.

Every human on the planet will benefit from Mai's classes. They just make you a better person plain and simple,

And now a little about the life coach extraordinaire Mai White.  Her innate ability to give of herself and be utterly vulnerable sets the stage every time she teaches (whether individually or in a group setting) for an unbelievably deep and impactful encounter. Her aptitude for this type of work is second to none- it is truly her gifting!!  Most assuredly, she has raw talent in this field but she is also well educated with a MA in Psychology.

After going through the Brene Brown classes with Mai, I find myself more in tune with the people looking and listening for ways to show true empathy.  This small gesture has strengthened my connections with many in my life in priceless ways. I thank GOD I have given myself the gift of the class!!!

— Brenda T.